Rules at a Glance 


This is NOT your usual game of SCRABBLE®.  All teams are given the same pre-selected letter tiles.  Each team forms words using these tiles and competes for the highest-scoring boards (three round cumulative).



Fun is mandatory!


  • There will be three rounds of Scrabble® 


  • Do not remove the tiles from your bag until the starter announces the beginning of the game.  No peeking!


  • Place a word covering the star on the center of the board.


  • Form vertical and horizontal words that read left to right or top to bottom and that interconnect.

  • Word length is limited only by the number of squares in a row or column on the SCRABBLE® board.


  • You may purchase additional tiles from a limited assortment of extra letters.  The number on the tile indicates its price in dollars.  For example, all vowels are valued at one point with a cost of $1 each.


  • Designate one player from your team to purchase tiles each round. 


  • Dictionary peeks cost $1 for 30 seconds of dictionary time. 


  • No personal dictionaries or other resources are allowed.


  • The premium squares on the board do count in your score. 

  • Words are separated from each other by a vacant square, unless both words together form a word.      


  • You may shift, remove or rearrange the tiles at any time during the round until time is called.


  • You may not use abbreviations or words requiring a hyphen or apostrophe.


  • You may use proper names ONLY if they have another definition i.e. “joey,” “mark.”


  • Once the time keeper announces “Time’s up,” all players will step back from their tables.


  • Record your completed board on a score sheet after each round. 


  • Words may only be used once in the round.


  • Scores are calculated using SCRABBLE® scoring software.  Computer adjudication is final.  If a player feels a word may not have been entered correctly the procedure will be repeated once more for confirmation.  Scores obtained by players on devices (e.g. smart phone, tablet) will not be recognized.


  • If you play a word that is not in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate dictionary, the illegal word itself will not be counted in the score.

Thank You!!!

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