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Rules at a Glance


This is NOT your usual game of SCRABBLE®.  All teams receive the same pre-selected letter tiles.  It is up to the team to form words using these tiles that will result in the highest score.

Fun is Mandatory!

Rules at a Glance


  • Do not remove the tiles from your bag until the starter announces “GO”.

  • Form vertical and horizontal words, all words must interconnect. 

  • Words must read left to right or top to bottom.

  • Begin the game by placing a word, with one of its’ letters on the star square at the center of the board.

  • Additional tiles are available for purchase. The number on the tile indicates its price in dollars. For example, all vowels are valued at one point with a cost of $1 each.

  • Designate one player from your team to purchase tiles.

  • Dictionary peeks in the SATB copy of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary (11th edition) may be purchased for $1 for 30 seconds of dictionary time. 

  • No personal dictionaries or other resources allowed.

  • Teams compete for the highest scoring total boards, three round cumulative.

  • You may shift, remove or rearrange during each round until you hear “Time’s Up”. 

  • You may not use abbreviations or words requiring a hyphen or apostrophe.

  • You may use proper names ONLY if they have another definition i.e. “joey”, “mark”.

  • When you hear “Time’s Up”, step back from your board.

  • Illegal words, those not in the SATB dictionary, will not be counted.


  **‘SCRABBLE® at the Beach’ scores are calculated using SCRABBLE® scoring   software. Rules of the game primarily follow official SCRABBLE® play with some exceptions, for instance, there are no bonus points for using all 7 tiles and there is no deduction for unused letters. Computer adjudication is final. If a player feels a word may not have been entered correctly, the procedure will be repeated once more for confirmation. Scores obtained by players on devices (e. g. smart phone, tablet) will not be recognized.**

Thank You!!!